Core products

Core Products


Strong corrosive thermal adaptability.


Corrosive thermal environment endurability


Anti strong acid absorption and purification condition


Chlor-alkali chemical industry waste heat recycle.

Titanium dioxide

Petrochemical industry

Various oil product manufacture process

Danger and waste chemicals

Heat conduction and modified material

The materials use polymer resin as the matrix, reinforced with glass fiber or carbon fiber.Then one or several metal and non-metallic thermal conductive fillers are added, finally particles are made by melting and blending through twin-screw granulator.

Our products are thermal conduction and reinforcement modified materials based on PPS, PP and other resins. The vertical thermal conductivity of PPS materials is 5 W/(M · K), and the vertical thermal conductivity of PP materials is 4.3 W/(M · K), which are far ahead of competitors in China.

Extrusion and moulding technology

PPS extrusion modification technology

Due to the high processing temperature, poor fluidity and small moulding temperature range of PPS resin, the extrusion and moulding of PPS pipes has always been a big problem in the industry, especially with the modified heat-conducting materials after high filling. Therefore, the company's R&D team has overcome these difficulties through close cooperation with the university ,years of practice, constant improvement and optimization process. Our specific technology is is obtained through high temperature (300~315 ℃ for 7 heating modules) - pressurization - shaping - cooling process by the screw extruder.

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About us

About us

Qingdao Chuanghe New Material Co., Ltd

An outstanding manufacturer of chemical materials

Qingdao Chuanghe New Material Co., Ltd is a share-holding subsidiary of Qingdao Daneng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

We have been committed to the R&D and production of high-performance composite materials for many years, and has been cooperating with the Institute of Materials of Beijing University of Technology, China Southeast University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, North China Electric Power University, Shanghai Electric Power University, other colleges and research institutions.

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